n ancient alternative healing therapy is the fully base on Traditional & Modern r Methods Acupuncture & Chiropractic the treatment is combination of both to rejuvante the patient internally & externally.When it is combined with structural alignment & vital improvement the focus gradually moves from letting go to rejuvenate on body.

Before start the session the patient will dignosed by TCM question & answers (Physically emotional, life Pattern) to treat the root cause of disease which help to rejuvanate metabolism & vital energy.

Then Patient examine by body structure to know if there is any misalignment in body.
During the sessions the natural form of the body is released from pain, aberrations and discomfort caused by physical, psychological & trauma. This helps release and rejuvenates the tissues. As the connective tissues release, more space and possibilities for the natural flow of movement occur in the body.

Energy of Ancient Alternative Therapy (AAT) Body Therapy
The energy work in Ancient alternative therapy (AAT) body therapy is constant throughout each session. The goals of the energy work as. Analgesic, Immune enhancing, Psychological, Homeostatic, Tranquilizer, Antiallergic, Antipyretic, Labour promoting, Detoxifying, Build strength, Increase stamina, Regulate metabolism, Slowdown aging process, Regulate blood and energy, Rejuvenates body cells, Blossom the skin and skin structure.

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